Limerick Lane Wines

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“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous”

- Aristotle


At Limerick Lane, we believe in magic, luck, dreams, kismet, and hard work.

We believe in the perfect balance of family, soil, rocks, fog, love, risk, and sunshine. We believe that all of these attributes topped off with a little bit of faith and good fortune allow us to grow, produce, and bottle wines of the highest caliber and distinction. Wines that are vintage reflective expressions of the dirt and rocks underfoot, the fog and sunshine above, and the sweat and laughter of the people who have chosen to live and grow alongside these century old vines in this magical and wondrous place. The greatest wines in the world come from magical sites, and they are few and far between. They are songs that come from the earth. They transcend definition, classification, and trend. They just are. Limerick Lane is a 30-acre estate located in the north east corner of Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley. In an appellation that’s renowned for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, we grow and produce world class Zinfandel and Rhone Varietals. We sit at an exact point where soil, water levels, rocks, sunshine, wind and fog meet. On top of, underneath, and in the midst of these earthly factors sit grapevines perfectly evolved in their composition, to thrive in this exact environment. Without any one of these individual factors, these wines wouldn’t exist.

These wines can only be made here.