Limerick Lane Wines

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“This is a winery that has no need to put on airs (and it doesn’t). It quietly creates unusually consistent Zinfandel and Syrah and has a loyal following to applaud its effort. Count me among them.”

- Matt Kramer, New California Wine


Our wines are exceptional because our culture is special. Wine isn’t something you make; it’s something you live. The contents of each bottle reflect a full year in the life of everyone who works at Limerick Lane. As in all other parts of life, the lessons, challenges and victories lie in the journey, not the destination. We count among our greatest gifts the opportunity to teach our children how to live in a modern world via a seasonal process that was developed centuries ago and remains basically unchanged. That’s why, at Limerick Lane, in addition to the vineyards, music is important, books are important, sitting at the table together is important—facets create brilliance, an environment where people aren’t working, they are learning, sharing, growing. Our wines taste better because the people behind them are engaged in life in every sense, not just the senses—see, smell, taste—which specifically typify wine. At Limerick Lane, every bottle captures the multilayered daily life--the vines, the seasons, the rocks and people and sweat and romance--of this inimitable place.