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Fall 2016 Allocation Release Notes

2014 1910 Block Zinfandel, Limerick Lane Estate

15.1% abv, 12 barrels produced

Our estate was first planted to grapes in 1910.  The original Del Fava family homestead still stands, and nearly 5 acres of the original vines are still in production--truly the crown jewels of the property.  Interplanted with mixed black varieties: Peloursin, Negrette, Alicante Bouchet, Syrah, and Petite Sirah. We co-pick and co-ferment the entire block, allowing each variety to define its own role in the resulting wine. 1910 Block is more than an extraordinary wine. It is a rare piece of California history.

Tasting Notes

Aromas: Potpourri, Red Fruit, Dark Chocolate, Baking Spice
Flavors: Stone Fruit, Red Berries, Pink Peppercorn, Granite Flake
Mouthfeel: Powerful, Rich, Layered, Striking Focus, and Clean Finish

2014 Headpruned Block Syrah, Limerick Lane Estate

14.5% abv, 8 barrels produced

Nearly all California Syrah is trained on a trellis.  Our single acre of Headpruned Syrah is grown in the traditional style still favored in France’s Rhone Valley.  This alternative approach to canopy management creates a protected environment where the fruit ripens slowly and evenly (rather than via direct blasts of afternoon sun), preserving aromatics and dramatically decreasing the jammy flavors often associated with California Syrah. The prettiest, purest Syrah fruit we’ve found in California...if only we had more!

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Violets, Rosemary, Black Pepper, Roasted Meat.
Flavor: Strawberry and Raspberry, Forest floor, Bay Leaf.
Mouthfeel: Round & Full but Focused, Supple Tannin, Long Finish

2014 Hail Mary , Limerick Lane Estate

14.2% abv, 8 barrels produced

In 2011, we’d picked the final 7 tons of Syrah, rain was forecast for the following day...and our destemmer broke. We had 14 bins of Syrah and no way to crush it. With no alternative, we dumped the fruit into two open top fermenters--stems and all.  A few weeks later we opened the bottom valves, only to be blown away by the most floral, exhilarating aromas imaginable.  The flavors followed suit and the wine became an instant staff and consumer favorite.  Only one name seemed even remotely appropriate: Hail Mary.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Blue Fruit, Roasting Herbs, Pencil Shaving, Berry Thicket.
Flavor: Textured Berry, Tapenade, Sage, Roast Meat.
Mouthfeel: Bright Acid, Full Body, Fine Grained Tannins

2014 1023, Limerick Lane Estate

15.2% abv, 8 barrels produced

Our signature blend is named for our address: 1023 Limerick Lane. Assembled using superior lots from exceptional vintages irrespective of varietal, with a focus on creating a distinctive, expressive, balanced cuvee, 1023 is a limited production wine comprised solely of small, handpicked lots that represent the highest and purest expression of our singular estate.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Baking Spice, Pie Crust, Blue Fruit, Berry Thicket, Pepper.
Flavor: Berry Crumble, Seared Meat, Graphite.
Mouthfeel: Salivating Acidity, Rich Body, Balanced, Seamless, Clean Finish.