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Winemaker’s Folly is my family, my childhood, my upbringing, and an homage to the culture of winemaking that isn’t as common or as celebrated any more. These wines are unique. They are stories and they are made to be enjoyed in a manner that generates stories to be shared. They are everyday values and unique bottlings- sometimes only to be released once. These are joyous wines – happy reminders of that beautifully simple way of life that we all still have somewhere inside us.

– Jake Bilbro

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The driving idea behind the Winemaker’s Folly wines is to offer our best without the usual limitations. So, it only makes sense that our Winemaker’s Folly Subscription Club is built around the same principles. You choose the wines, you choose the frequency, skip shipments as needed, and cancel at any time without having to ask permission.

The Winemaker’s Folly Subscription Club allows you to enjoy wines from Limerick Lane in between allocation offerings as often as you’d like. You make the rules.

  • Choose the frequency of your shipments: Receive wine every 2, 4, or 6 months. Enjoy our wines whenever you like without the restrictions of the allocation process.
  • Receive invitations to exclusive club events
  • 4 bottle minimum order • $15 standard ground shipping on orders of 6 or more bottles.
  • Receive first priority access to Winemaker’s Folly wines as well as select Limerick Lane wine offerings.
  • Receive complimentary wine tastings for up to 6 guests at our estate tasting room bar.
  • Receive access to Limerick Lane’s semi-annual wine allocations with no obligation to purchase.

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