A shovel only digs out the weeds that you point it at.


Less is more.  Our decision making process as farmers, as winemakers, and as stewards is to always choose the path that allows the site to speak as loudly and clearly as possible. We aren’t trying to grow fruit of predetermined brix nor are we trying to make wine with a predetermined percentage of oak. There is a natural rhythm to the seasons here that leads both our vineyard and our family. Listening and following that rhythm we find the greatest joy. The farming approach at Limerick Lane is simple and straightforward; execution is anything but. We farm organically and always with a sustainable intent. Our goal isn’t to have the prettiest and most uniform vineyard but the healthiest and most balanced vines, which in turn grow the most expressive wines.

We irrigate when needed but as little as possible and in some years the vines receive no water at all. We don’t use conventional herbicides as they eradicate anything they come into contact with. While slower and more costly, a shovel only digs out the weeds you point it at. We’ve found that less invasive farming techniques yield more expressive fruit and working proactively to improve soil health minimizes the need to reactively deplete it via the use of broad scope conventional chemicals.

We are not dogmatic. What may work for one vine may not work for its sibling. We don’t follow a predetermined script as Mother Nature always bats last.

The vineyard is comprised of 16 blocks that are either dry farmed or minimally irrigated and farmed organically.







1910 Block

Location: Limerick Lane’s 1910 Block sits just behind our estate home and is approximately 5 acres.

Vines: Interplanted with historic mixed black varieties the likes of Peloursin, Negrette, Alicante Bouchet, Syrah, and Petite Sirah, the 1910 Block is not only historic, it is completely unique in its percentage of varieties planted.  On average, these old vines yield a mere 1-1.5 tons per acre.

Headpruned Syrah Block

Location: Our Headpruned Syrah Block is located immediately north of our 1910 Block.

Vines: California Syrah is traditionally trained on a trellis with significant wire used to “hold” the canopy up. We only have one acre of Headpruned Syrah and to our knowledge, it is one of the only blocks in the state that is trained in the traditional style still found in much of France’s Rhone valley, hence the name. This alternative style of canopy management allows us to shade the fruit more effectively from hot afternoon sun.

Rocky Knoll

Location: The Rocky Knoll is a 2.5 acre block on the north east corner of the estate. This is the steepest, rockiest, driest part of the property.

Vines: The Rocky Knoll block is the only block where the Zinfandel is field blended with Petite Sirah, Mourvedre, Carignane and Syrah. The combination of location, soil and blend lead towards bolder flavors. Collectively, they produce the most masculine, powerful, intense wine from the Estate.


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