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2015 Syrah Grenache

2015 Syrah Grenache
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If ever there was proof of the magic and mystery of life, it’s that moment when you run into a long lost best friend. In a flash, your shared history comes screaming forward, your bodies cascade with warm fuzzy feelings, and you’re overcome by an irresistible urge to lose yourselves in a wholehearted hug. And regardless of how long it’s been, space and time feel utterly irrelevant… you’re right back where you left off.

Know the feeling? Well, that’s what our Syrah/Grenache is like. It’sa rich, juicy bear hug that takes you to that happy place.

Of all of our wines, none speak as loudly to the lively ideals of friendship and connection than this blend. The Syrah is spicy and chewy, laying a gorgeous foundation that is complimented by the fresh, bright, strawberry flavors of Grenache. It pairs perfectly with food and friends. And while it’s a wine that can only be “made” on this estate, our Syrah/Grenache blend is a heartily inspired by the warm and celebratory spirit — and rich culture — of Southern France.

Wine Specs
Syrah Blend
Russian River Valley
Vineyard Designation
Limerick Lane Estate
Alcohol %
Wine Enthusiast